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Bali is has become a Mecca for Yoga practioners who come from all around the globe to learn or to improve their asanas.


Yoga classes

There are many Yoga Shallas in Bali and around the area where you will be staying.  It is possible to have a private yoga session or join some of the yoga shallas who are always happy to meet newcomers, whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or whether you are new to yoga you will be welcomed.  

We find that our guests like to go out for their yoga classes as it gives them a chance to meet other people who are resident in Bali.  But we are able to hold yoga classes at the villa at request and will be happy to arrange this for you as we have an excellent yoga teacher who is happy to come to the villa at rquest and teaches the asanas and kundalini yoga.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “union”, it is the practice of integrating the mind, body and spirit into a unified whole.  With benefits that include a supple body, toned muscles and a quiet mind.


Asanas are the physical postures learned in yoga that bring balance to the body and the mind.  But originally yoga was practiced as several strands that were more concerned with spiritual development and mental discipline. 

Yoga is a versitile art and many people practice the asanas because they want a more flexible and tone body, or because they have specific ailments they would like to clear, such as backache.  Most yoga practitioners use yoga as a physical exercise focusing on the asanas (physical postures), breathing and meditation for a quiet mind.

Originally there were eight limbs of yoga, practiced to bring balanced to the mind, body and spirit.  These were:-



Ethical guidelines about moral behaviour


·          Ahimsa: nonviolence

·          Satya: truthfulness

·          Asteya nonstealing

·          Brahmacharya: nonlust

·          Aparigraha; noncovetesness



Ethical guidelines concerned with moral behaviour towards the Self

·          Santosa: Contentment

·          Tapas: sustained practice

·          Svadhyaya; self study

·          Saucha; cleanliness

·          Isvara pranidhana; surrender to God

Asana: Practice of yoga postures.

Pranayama: Practice of breathing exercises.

Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the senses.  This means that the exterior world is not a distraction from the interior world within oneself.

Dharana: Concentration, meaning the ability to focus on something uninterrupted by external or internal distractions.

Dhyana: Meditation. Building upon Dharana, the concentration is no longer focused on a single thing but is all encompassing.

Samadhi: Bliss. Building upon Dhyana, the transcendence of the self through meditation. The merging of the self with the universe. Sometimes translated as enlightenment.