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Ubud tour and ocean sunsets



During your stay you we will be taking a very special day tour to Ubud, considered by many to be the cultural centre of Bali.  Ubud is distinctive in its architecture, temples and music and dance, not to mention the artisans who live there or come to stay because of the unique atmosphere.


It is surrounded by nature, and houses one of the most amazing villages which resides at its edges, and where you can find an amazing collection of the most beautiful carvings of all shapes, sizes and topics.  From buddhas that stand as tall as yourself, to smaller carvings of Kuan Yin who can fit in the palm of your hand.  All at prices that are literally a fraction of what you would find in the West.

There are boutiques that boast unique clothing, from mildly classical to outrageously bohemian, and a market where you can pick up anything from silk sheets to souvenir trinkets.


We shall be spending the morning in Ubud itself where you can spend your time browsing the variety of shops, market and intimate cafes.  After lunch we shall meet to take you to Galengan where you can take your time admiring the huge collections of carvings on offer.

In the evening we shall take a small ride from Ubud to Jimboran beach where you can choose your own seafood to be barbequed whilst enjoying a sunset dinner by the ocean and watch the Balinese dance that takes place during the evening.


A magical day that will guarantee you a deep night’s sleep!