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The Healing Journal


This is a Healing Journal – in this you will be able to map your healing progress, chart what works.  Write down your intuitions and intentions for the next step on your own healing journey.  A healing journal helps to keep rememberance of messages and intuitions that come from meditations and how these can help in your own process and deepening healing abilities.


Journaling has therapeutic effects, it helps to clear the mind of clutter and leaves the mind free to be creative. A Journal is a written record of your Life, thoughts, feelings and actions.  It helps to keep us aware of where we have been, where we are now and where we want to get to next.  


The process of writing down what we have done in the past and what we are doing in the present helps us to reflect on ourselves, our motivations, and desires.  By identifying what we want for our future self we become clear on the steps that are required in order to take us on the next part of the journey.  Like a map if you like of the detours we have taken, where we are on our journey and the shortest and most direct route to get us to our chosen destination.


By writing a journal we are able to get in touch with our deepest feelings and desires, it can help us to clarify and resolve problems.  Journaling is a creative act because it helps us to see that we are creating our reality by how we think, feel and act.  It helps to get our thoughts down on paper.  When thoughts are going around in our heads they create clutter and can create confusion, a feeling that we cannot cope with all we need to do.  When we get thoughts down on paper we begin to sort through them, they are out of our heads and we can begin to see them more clearly.  By seeing them more clearly they have less power over us than they have in our heads.  So journaling can be an empowering process.