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Hi Sam,


It's Michelle Hoskin here. I meet you in July when I came over to Bali to do one of your retreats for 6 days.  


I keep meaning to write to you to let you know how coming over there and putting all that healthy food into my body for that week, taught me about just how good I can feel all of the time. I have followed on with a much healthier way of living than what I had before I came, and feel that the time I spent in Bali, and what I learnt from you, was one of the best investments into my health and well being I have made, and I thank you for that.


Like you kept telling me, my taste buds will change. And for a girl that craved chocolate on a daily to twice daily basis, to now being someone who hasn't had it for weeks, I still can't believe it and I can't believe how my body is not getting as run down as it usually does with all the shift work I do! I could never find the time for exercise, and now, on a very regular basis, I am making time for it and feeling fantastic. I now I must sound like a raving idiot, but I am amazed at the changes I have been able to make as a result of your guidance. So keep up the good work and a big thanks to you.


I hope all is going good for you. 


Take care,


Michelle Hoskin                                               



Hi Sam,
> Thought it was about time I touched base. Of course no surprises, I've been flat out back at work, but am happy to say that I have been feeling a lot more energetic and a lot more positive. The holiday was the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time. So a big big thank you for organising my stay in bali. I got back fine, the flights worked out perfectly, all that worry for nothing!! Hope all is well for you and you've had a nice week. You were right, my taste buds changed big time, I've had more salads this week than I have my whole life. I keep craving them. The next step is to buy myself a juicer. Would love it if you could send me the home program sometime, need all the help I can get. So you take care of yourself, so nice to meet you and hope one day to cross paths again.

Thanks again,



I've been very happy since I came back from bali. Everything in my life have turn so positive and I feel blessed everyday for being alive and for the happiness that I feel. I started advanced photography and I'm doing very very well, since I came back I've been cooking at home and really healthy that I feel so much better now , my boyfriend only wants to eat my food. I always make a prayer and put a lot of good intentions in my cooking I follow your list and now is natural I really love this feeling. I do eft when I need it and physically even exercising I have more strenght I am taking everything easy and also absorvinbg and digesting everyday of my life. I have a big smile in my face I feel like sharing with the whole world this feeling the only way I can do it is keeping my enerdy balanced and always go back to the steps that we talked when I feel week. Even my boyfriend have changed so much he doesn't know what to do to please me he feels so grateful to have me. I'm leaving next week to paris and then to ibiza I feel excited, I will visit my sister planning around the 8 of july for 5 days. I have to say no nail bitting I removed the extenstions I have my own nails so proud and beautiful. I also really happy with michelle will email her too to let her know. Sandra you are the greatest. Admire you hope you are doing great and will see you soon in bali.
With love
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Thank you so much Sandra for such a fantastic time! It really excelled my
The detox programme was gentle but affective! Please thank your chief's, the
food was so tasty and fresh. The massages and aqua Pilates were fantastic
and I can really feel the benefits, in fact I bought the aqua equipment and
now do it at the local swimming pool!
Not only did you address the physical, the time we spent with you and your
friends have really given Jess and I a positive mind and spiritual
experience. We haven't looked back since! 
You were the perfect support and host, nothing was too much trouble (Jess
loves her hair extensions so much! ) The accommodation was the unbelievable!
You have given us the best holiday ever, thank you and I'm really looking
forward to returning. 
Kind regards