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Reiki Mastership And Meditation
Reiki Mastership and Meditation


During your stay here at the Reiki Masters Retreat, we will have a daily meditation session.  This is a space you can use where you can develop your meditation techniques, and experience the benefits of meditation with specific regard to deepening your experience with Reiki.


Once you are attuned you will always be a conduit of the Reiki healing energy even if you decided never to practice Reiki again.  But if you really want to feel the benefits of being a Reiki practitioner, then meditation can help to attain a higher level of conscious awareness that can be used in Reiki healing.


The meditation sessions are specifically designed to bring you more in touch with your own energy system, more of which shall be experienced and learned during the workshops, and any blockages that are causing the energy to flow less freely. 


When you feel relaxed and in touch with how your body, mind and emotions feel, you will deepen your intuitive ability when using Reiki for healing.  When you are in tune with your Self then you will be more able to intuitively feel when your own clients are feeling “out of balance” and facilitate their healing process.  It is important to “know thyself”, if you do not know yourself then it will be difficult to distinguish between your own feelings and when you are picking up information from somebody, or something, you are healing.  Therefore, meditation is an important part of getting in touch with your own vibratory rate and your own thoughts and feelings.


During the Reiki Masters Retreat we shall be specifically concentrating on Chakra Meditation, Breathing – specifically kidney breathing, and Mantra meditation designed to use sound to clear blockages and heighten manifestation ability.


Different Types of Meditation at Bali Goddess Retreats


Transcendental meditation is a very popular simple and form of meditation. It brings unbelievable practical benefits to all aspects of life. The method practiced in this form of meditation offers an exceptional quality of rejuvenation in terms of releasing stress and tension and leaving the meditator extremely relaxed. Transcendental Meditation is a very practical and straightforward form of finding relaxation, particularly those lead especially hectic lives. Transcendental meditation takes around 15-20 minutes twice daily, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed, is all that is needed. This means it can easily be incorporated into an everyday habit, and can be practiced almost anywhere.

Mindfulness meditation is simple form of meditation that makes us aware of the environment around us, our habits, and of course our selves. It teaches us to become mindful and to give deliberate thought to everything we do and feel in life. We often go through life on what I call “neutral”, where we react, think and feel from habit rather than actually responding to the situation. This form of meditation is practiced wherever and whenever you choose.  It can be whilst gardening – noticing the smell or colour of a flower, the grass.  Perhaps when washing up – noticing the feel of soapy water, the look and colour of the soap suds, the pattern on a glass.  It is especially good when wishing to become aware of your body, or change eating habits to more healthy habits.  Noticing the smell and taste of food, chewing with thought, feeling the texture of an apple in your mouth, and so forth.  What mindfulness meditation does is make us aware of ourselves and our surroundings and ultimately brings us to a space where we see, feel and touch beauty around us that usually we do not notice.

Guided Meditation is a form of visualization – and don’t worry you do not have to be able to imagine in techno-colour!   This type of meditation takes us on a “mini vacation” where we can go and relax our mind and body and release tension in a place – beach, forest, garden etc – which makes us feel peaceful.  The goal of guided meditation is to free the mind, and by doing so the body, of any stress, tension and worry that we may be experiencing.  guided meditation, or visualization is especially useful when wanting to manifest a particular desire or goal that you hold in life as it programs the mind to act in a way that is most beneficial to draw your goals to you.

Japa/Mantra Meditation involves the conscious repetitions of certain sounds that in order to achieve a meditative state. Japa can be particular sounds such as Om, or Ah.  These sounds not only soothe the mind but they create healing in every cell of our body as the cells echo to what we could term “sound therapy”.   It is possible to make up your own mantra in the form of affirmation, or to just repeat a sound that you find appealing and let the mind go.








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