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Reiki Healing Retreat

Expand your consciousness, strengthen your mind and free your Spirit.

Creative Healing Program

Become a certified Tibetan-Usui Reiki Master and Practitioner whilst enjoying a relaxing vacation on the beautiful and Spiritual Island of Bali

Bali Goddess Retreats are offering this Reiki Master Spiritual Retreat for women who want to take the next step on their journey to self-discovery, spiritual development, healing and wholeness.  A women’s retreat with a difference, we offer you Tibetan-Usui Reiki Master practitioner certification alongside a healing spa vacation.  Our Creative Healing Retreat caters for your mind, body and Spirit!

Here at Bali Goddess Women’s Retreats we are breaking the boundaries of conventional wisdom about Reiki and inviting you to decide to become empowered in your own way because you have decided that is how you want to do it.  We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate and accept different belief systems and practices in a friendly, non-judgmental and open minded environment and to facilitate the use of Reiki into your own personal empowerment program.

Reiki Master Retreat

This is an individualized program that uses Reiki in the way it was first introduced by Dr Usui.  That means that Reiki is used, not as a rigid system, but to access Divine Consciousness to effect healing on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.   We will be using the Reiki symbols as keys to access this Divine Energy and to heal ourselves, others and Life.  We want you to leave us feeling calmly energized, refreshed and knowing that the power is within you to transform yourself and to live life the way you choose.

At Bali Goddess Retreats we will help you to realize the potential of your own divine energy that can be unlocked for healing yourself and others.  Reiki practice can be utilized to bring shifts in your life you may not have previously thought possible and you can do this in your own, personal way. 

You will learn how to use Reiki alongside other holistic therapies to become an effective healer.  Share group discussions and ideas, and use Reiki alongside the Law of Attraction and EFT to effect transformation in all areas of your life.  There will be group workshops where Reiki and healing information is taught alongside hands-on practice so that you have first hand knowledge of using Reiki, utilizing the symbols to attract and focus healing energies, and to strengthen your intuition to synthesis with client needs.

Our intention is to create a harmonious environment where you can relax and enjoy your new-found sense of wellbeing whilst absorbing the energies of Reiki into your system and reawakening the power within you.
The purpose of this spiritual retreat is to take you on a journey through intensive Reiki Attunements, mastering the Law of Attraction, holistic therapies to clear and unblock chakras, and shared healing with other women on the healing path.  You have the option to learn about your life path with a psychic tarot reading, heal trauma with cranial sacral therapy, enjoy individual spiritual and life coaching, and meet our Indonesian mystic and healer who will heal your body, calm your heart and expand your consciousness.
The Reiki Ripple Effect

The Reiki Principles


1. Just for today, I will let go of anger.

2. Just for today, I will let go of worry.

3. Today, I will count my many blessings.

4. Today, I will do my work honestly.

5. Today, I will be kind to every living creature.

                                                      Dr. Usui

Reiki opens up healing energies in such a way that all areas of life become transformed, and the blocks and obstacles that have been hindering change or healing begin to melt away effortlessly.  Because of the ripple effect everybody who is involved with you and your life will also feel the effects of positive and healing change.

The Reiki energy that is absorbed acts rather like a pebble being thrown into a pond.  First you pick up the stone (Reiki) and throw it into the pond (you).  There is at first a splash, large or small depending upon the size of the stone being thrown (Universal Energy + individual need).  The first ripple (change/healing) appears small, but it gets larger and larger as it extends out beyond the first splash.

And below the surface, where it is unseen, the ripple effect is brushing past plants, fish, frogs – you name it – so that each creature in the pond feels the effects of the stone to some extent, and everything is touched by the energy.

And this is how Reiki works.  The first effect may be small, but the ripples extend out beyond healing the physical body, into the mind, emotions and Spirit, and through these into Life itself so that others around you will also feel the positive effects of the changed vibration around you.

At Bali Goddess Reiki Retreats we believe that we are Spirit having a physical experience.  As such we also believe in keeping our physical vehicle in as good a condition as possible.  To this end we include in our program fresh foods, juices and optional classes to keep you in peak condition during your stay.  Our experienced massage therapists are here to help you relax, and there are local yoga and aqua pilates classes, snorkeling and surfing for those who want to energize physically.

The attunements are intensive, and you will need time to integrate the new vibrations that Usui-Tibetan Reiki gifts you with, so there are free days scheduled into your stay.  You may decide you want to take yourself off to the beach, enjoy swimming with dolphins, go bargain shopping, refresh and rejuvenate your look with facial treatments or just unwind by the pool with a good book!

You will receive group workshops as well as individual sessions and treatments that will leave you feeling renewed, reenergized and excited about becoming a Reiki Master practitioner.

Overview Of The Trainings

Alongside Reiki attunements and training you will be learning about the chakra system, vibrational medicine, kinesiology and using the Law of Attraction and your emotional guidance system to release blockages and effect real transformation in yourself and in your life.

First Degree
During the first degree you will be taught the basics of Reiki healing.  This will include two intensive attunements and practical training where you will refine your Reiki healing and hand positions.  After this attunement you will be able to administer self-healing using the Reiki positions.

Second Degree
You will be given the first of the Reiki symbols to enhance and focus the Reiki energy.  A second intensive attunement shall be given to strengthen the flow of energies and further clear the energetic chakric system.  There will be practical training and the first distant healing session.

Third Degree
This is master training level where the third, intensive attunement will be given.  During this level you will be given the Reiki master symbol.  There will be practical training and after this attunement you will be able to attune others in Reiki healing. 

And there will be plenty of free time to integrate the vibrations into your own energy system and ground yourself by going shopping, taking a cultural tour or taking advantage of the many special attractions that Bali has to offer.

Please note:  If you already have first degree Reiki attunements you are more than welcome to come and join us, or stay with us in the accommodation and us for later workshops and attunements.  We encourage you to feel free to make your stay the way you would like it to be.

The term “Master” does not mean that you will suddenly become enlightened!  It means that you are able to teach and attune others in Reiki healing.  However, it would be advisable to practice your healing art over a period of time to fully integrate the change of vibration, perfect your craft and in so doing provide transformational healing for others yourself and others.


Reiki Programme  

8 days 7 nights

 Per person:  $2100



  • Accommodation 6 days of Fresh juices and delicious breakfast,
  • 5 lunches
  • 3 dinners
  • Manuals for Reiki I, II and Reiki Master certification
  • The Reiki Master Programme (Reiki attunements, Reiki symbols, becoming a Reiki Practioner)
  • Hands on practical workshops
  • Spiritual coaching, law of attraction techniques, personal journaling
  • Meditation (guided visualization, breathing techniques, japa)
  • Aura reading and sensing Energy Centers
  • Chakra and aura clearing and rebalancing
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Indonesia healer and mystic
  • Ocean Sunset dinner
  • Dinner buffet
  • Use of fantastic grounds and swimming pool


Airport pick up and drop off




  Optional Extras

Note:  therapies and shopping are at a fraction of the cost that would be paid in the West.

• Holistic therapies:
o Cranial sacral therapy
o Psychic tarot reading
o Clinical hypnotherapy
o Past life regression therapy
• Yoga
• Aqua pilates
• Cultural tours and temple visits
• Snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing
• Massage and reflexology.
• Salon pampering: manicure, pedicure, hair styling.
• Personal shopping (bargain shopping at manufacturing prices)
• Lalur body scrub (traditional Balinese treatment)
• Infra red sauna
• Body boost Vitamin C injection (immune and health booster) vitamin B injection (energy enhancer)

 There are plenty of fantastic restaurants within walking distance of the accommodation where you can enjoy local and Western food at affordable prices, on the days that lunches and dinners are not provided.
For all travelers abroad please make sure you have adequate medical insurance

Please Note:  Package rates are Per Person and inclusive of government of tax
                          Prices are paid in US$
                          Single travelers can choose a shared room option
                          Rates are not inclusive of airfare

We are happy to cater for private parties who want a customized program
An excellent site for complimentary practitioners is which is a holistic magazine where membership is free and you can find out a wealth of information about holistic therapies and practitioners in your area and around the Globe.