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Personal counseling

For most of the time we all get on with life, but sometimes there are times when we need an empathetic shoulder where we can unburden ourselves and get clear.  Counseling is an option in those moments when it is difficult to talk with friends and family.


Counseling is an excellent place where we can take time to reflect on our thoughts, feelings and experiences.  By doing this it is possible to lighten our load and go forward into the future with optimism and hope.


At Bali Goddess Retreats we believe that each person holds the answers in their own hearts and that it is not necessary to take hours pouring over problems – real or imagined – in order to find the best route forwards.


It can help to speak to another person who is non-judgmental and understands the path that you have trodden, and who you can feel comfortable talking with.  Counseling is not about giving advice but is a way to uncover your own thoughts and feelings in order to give your self the advice and direction that you need.


It is an opportunity to be taken seriously, to be heard and understood without being asked to give back anything in return.  The counselor has no hidden agenda for what you need or don’t need, and no judgments about your thoughts, beliefs or behaviors.


Counseling is not just about finding solutions to problems. It can help come to terms with transition and change, it can help in expanding awareness and purpose.  It can help by just having a listening ear and using this as a sounding board to clarify your own thoughts and feelings whatever the subject is.


We look forwards to seeing you.