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Eat Pray Love!  Experience your own Bali adventure and have a life transforming time on the magical island of Bali.

Take a quantum leap and enjoy a Women’s retreat with a difference!
Created by women for women who are looking for something with a lot extra!

If you dream of relaxing and taking a break from family, friends and work, and you want to give yourself time to reflect, find clarity and restore and rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit, then we have the perfect retreat to suit your individual needs.

At Bali Goddess Retreats we embrace your Mind, Body and Spirit to give you an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy and take home for continuing, life enhancing transformation. Our aim is to facilitate development on all levels so that you feel empowered to create and live the life you feel you were born to live.  Our philosophy is that it is possible for East to Meet West and bring the best of these worlds together to create a truly life transforming experience – and that is what we have developed for you at Bali Goddess Women’s Retreats.


We understand that women want to feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside and we ensure that you get your wish.  Let us take care of you whilst you relax and enjoy yourself.  Our programs are effective because they are centered on integrated techniques that will bring real and lasting change, helping you to reconnect with the wise woman inside yourself, discover your inner beauty and radiate this on the outside.  Whether you want to lose weight permanently, refresh your look, deepen your healing ability and your spiritual development, or meet with other women who are addressing their own life path and seeking change, we have the retreat for you.

Each of our women’s wellness retreats have been individually created to combine valuable elements for growth, beauty and healing whilst experiencing an indulgent environment of effective holistic treatments and complimentary therapies.  Our women’s retreats are holistic in every sense.  We bring together state of the art procedures to rejuvenate all aspects of the physical body whilst using ancient healing arts that will lift your spirits and professional consultation to sooth your mind.  Expert facilitators are on hand to introduce you to meditation, Law of Attraction techniques and coach you through the life changes you wish to make. 


We will help you to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance so that you feel inspired to follow your Journey with courage and vision. The retreats are perfect for women who want to spend time with like-minded others, take a break, reinvent themselves and discover more of what Life has to offer.  Our techniques and approaches will expand out into your life creating abundance and manifesting your desires on many levels. 
Our dedicated staff will cater for your every need, leaving you time to spend on your rejuvenation.  There will be plenty of free time to explore this beautiful island, go shopping, relax by the beach, or take time to yourself at the pool side. We will take care of all the details so that you are left worry-free.
All this whilst having fun and laughter – the best stress relief there is!
All retreats include luxury accommodation, delicious healthy food, professional facilitators and beautiful surroundings.


Bali Goddess Detox and Weightloss ~ 8 days, 7 nights

The Body Creation Program     


Effective Weight Loss with a Difference utilizing the Law of Attraction
Allow the Islands of the Gods to inspire you. Our health retreat is a perfect place to redefine yourself, lose unwanted body weight, lighten emotional baggage and lift your spirits.
This is a weight loss spa with a difference which promotes the effective use of ‘the Law of Attraction’ while reconnecting your emotional guidance system thus creating a new way of understanding your body and weight loss.  This is totally unique way of creating the body and health that you desire using the power of your mind.  Designed for women who want to reshape their bodies and share their journey in a non-judgmental environment; blended with body treatments and holistic therapies to help re energize your body bringing you lasting transformation.  Information link



·          Accommodation

·          All breakfast

·          5 lunches

·          5 dinners

·          Private and Group Coaching

·          Law of Attraction techniques

·          Personal journaling

·          Daily Aqua Pilates

·          4 Massage

·          1 Manicure/Pedicure

·          Day Tour Ubud

·          Ocean sunset dinner



Optional Extras


·          Cranial Sacral therapy

·          Acupuncture

·          Reiki healing

·          Tarot reading

·          Chakra cleansing and balancing

·          Indonesian mystic and healer

·          Facial rejuvenation : botox, restylane, microdermabrasion, facial peels, cosmetic tattoo,

·          Body boost: Lalur scrub, mesotherapy, Vitamin C and B injection

·          Salon pampering: waxing, hair styling

·          Yoga

·          Meditation


Bali Goddess Rejuvenation Retreat ~ 6 days, 5 nights               
Awaken your inner goddess and discover the wise woman within

The Life Creation Program 
The beautiful Island of Bali is a perfect setting in which to renew your inner and outer self, lighten your Heart and lift your Spirit whilst enjoying an indulgent environment. Spark your emotional intelligence and step onto the path towards establishing a balanced life and living your personal truth in this
women’s retreat. 
Luxury accommodation

·          All breakfasts

·          3 lunches

·          3 dinners – including ocean sunset

·          Personalized coaching and lifestyle session


·          1 manicure/pedicure

·          Day tour to Ubud

·          Meet Indonesian mystic and healer

·          Meditation




·          Yoga

·          Aqua pilates

·          Clinical hypnotherapy

·          Tarot reading

·          Reiki healing

·          Color and crystal healing

·          Emotional freedom technique

·          Cranial

·          Beauty treatments – waxing, hair styling, permanent makeup

·          Rejuvenation Treaments – restylane, botox, microdermabrasion.

·          Snorkeling and scuba diving

·          Surfing

·          Swimming with Dolphins


Bali Goddess Reiki Master Retreat ~ 8 days, 7 nights 

Reiki Master: A Path to Healing.  Intensive Attunements deepening spiritual purpose Creative Healing Program

Spiitual Creation Programme
This concentrated program is for women who are free thinkers and want to learn the healing technique of Reiki to Reiki Master Level.  These intensive attunements are effective and transforming.  This spiritual retreat teaches you how to the attract abundance into all areas of your life. Strengthening your spiritual connection, increasing your spiritual development and deepening your knowledge in this field will further develop your ability to heal yourself, others and your life experience.  With its rich spiritual heritage, Bali is the perfect place to make a Reiki connection.


  • Accommodation
  • 6 days of Fresh juices and delicious breakfast,
  • 5 lunches including Ocean Sunset dinner
  • 3 dinners
  • Manuals for Reiki I, II and Reiki Master certification
  • The Reiki Master Programme (Reiki attunements, Reiki symbols, becoming a Reiki practioner)
  • Hands on practical workshops
  • Spiritual coaching, law of attraction techniques, personal journaling
  • Meditation (guided visualization, breathing techniques, japa)
  • Aura reading and sensing Energy Centers
  • Chakra and aura clearing and rebalancing
  • Indonesia healer and mystic
  • Massage
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Dinner buffet
  • Use of fantastic grounds and swimming pool


·          Cranial Sacral therapy

·          Acupunture

·          Tarot reading

·          Clinical hypnotherapy

·          Past life regression therapy

·          Yoga

·          Aqua pilates

·          Salon papering: waxing, hair styling, rejuvenation treatments, permanent tattoo

·          Personal shopping (bargain shopping at manufacturing prices)

·          Body boost vitamin C (immune and health booster)

·          Vitamin B injection (energy enhancer)

Bali Goddess Cosmetic Retreat - 8 days – 7 nights  
Take a Journey to Inner and Outer Beauty  

The Re-Creation Program  

Minor cosmetic surgery: Mid-face lift, eye lift. Or undertake non-invasive facial rejuvenation such as Aptos thread lift, dermal fillers, acid peels, microdermabrasion, botox, and cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain crowns, teeth whitening and much, much more
We will take the strain, take you to the centre, and arrange for your treatments.  Then you can relax and recover in a private setting, take a Bali tour, or just relax whilst we look after your every need. This is the opportunity for you to undergo your treatment amongst the supportive environment of other women receiving similar treatment.
Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry is a fraction of the cost in Bali than in the West. Bali Goddess Retreats have experts at hand who will guide you through the process from start to finish. We understand that finding a trusted surgeon is a complicated process so we take care of all the details before you arrive to make sure that your surgery, dentistry or facial rejuvenation procedures are stress free. This retreat is designed to remove the worry out of finding reputable and effective professionals who are experts in their field.  We will organize your low cost cosmetic surgery, dentistry and body rejuvenation with professional, Western trained doctors who are experienced in all areas of cosmetic surgery, non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments and cosmetic dentistry and surgical dentistry.  After your treatment enjoy relaxing in private surroundings, away from the curiosity of other holiday makers, where you will be offered stress reduction techniques, healing spa treatments, holistic therapy, healthy food, rest and relaxation in order to speed the course of your recuperation and send you home relaxed, rejuvenated and radiant from the inside out.




Note:  treatments will be dependent upon whether you have minor cosmetic surgery, dentistry or rejuvenation procedures


·          Luxury accommodation

·          All breakfasts

·          4 Lunches

·          4 dinners

·          Makeover and cosmetic skincare advice

·          Meditation : to release stress and keep your face wrinkle free!

·          Learn the key nutritional supplements to keep your skin supple and radiant

·          Learn gentle facial exercises to refine facial contours

·          Vitamin C IV to aid healing

·          Tour and Shopping in Ubud




·          Yoga

·          Acupuncture

·          Infra red sauna

·          Clinical hypnotherapy

·          Tarot reading

·          Reiki healing

·          Color or crystal healing session

·          Cranial sacral therapy

·          Beauty treatments – waxing, hair, cosmetic tattoo

·          Shopping


Each retreat participant will receive a personal Bali Goddess Journal where they can record their thoughts, keep pictures and trace their personal journey during the retreat.
We are happy to provide customized programs for group bookings and parties
Note: Some activities may vary on each Retreat.

Alternative therapies from acupuncture to yoga. Articles, personal experiences, practitioner directory, forums, web links, and stress busters.



·          3 Massage