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Omer Khan Psychic Medium

Omer Khan has taken Bali Island by storm and is set to take the World by storm as an Amazing and gifted medium.

Bali Goddess Retreats is honoured to have a reading with Omer as part of our retreat packages.

He is highly sought after by people around the Globe who want to speak to loved ones, find their life's purpose and soothe their Spirit.

Omer was born seeing Spirit and has utilised his skills from the age of six.  He has read internationally and his clients include a gypsy in New Orleans as well as people from all around our Globe.

Omer uses his gift to connect with his guides and to connect with his client's guides and loved ones who have passed over.  He is a gifted healer - although that is not what he calls himself!  A reading with Omer can help to release grief, connect to and empower life purpose, and define life path and goals.

Omer is a grounded and gifted medium.  His readings take around two hours depending upon the messages that are coming through him from loved ones and guides who have passed over, and always to help the person he is sitting for.

A reading with Omer is nothing less than Amazing!  He covers family history, what is happening around the client's family and how that will manifest.  He then covers guidance for the client that comes from their personal Spirit Guides.

This is a life transforming and enhancing experience. To contact or make an appointment with Omer just email:

Or alternatively join us on one of our retreat packages and meet Omer in person as part of our service.