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Bali is world renowned for its massage spas and at Bali Goddess retreats we have professional massage therapists who will give a relaxing ad de-stressing body massage in the privacy and comfort of your own room.  Our massage therapists are trained to the highest professional standards to ensure you experience the full benefits of massage and reflexology.

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy and healing.It can heal and relieve pain, stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage and have a relaxing effect upon the mind and body.

    Some Benefits Of Massage:

    Healing
    Relaxing
    Soothing
    Eases tension, stiffness, and pain
    Improves breathing
    Improves circulation
    Improves lymphatic drainage
    Enhances well-being
    Aids quicker recovery between exercise sessions

The benefits of touch are well documented to be healing and restorative.The human being requires touch in order to feel nurtured, relaxed and healed.  Regular massage can have the effect of toning the body and relieving muscular pain, especially sports injury and pain caused by stress and tension.  Massage helps to relieve stress and fatigue through the stimulation of the nervous system, leaving the recipient feeling refreshed and invigorated, yet relaxed and full of wellbeing.

Our massage therapists are trained in holistic massage which uses slow paced, medium to light pressure.This relaxes the muscles and calms the nervous system, bringing a sense of calm and relaxed peacefulness to mind, body and spirit.  Essential oils are blended with coconut oil so that at the end of the massage the skin feels soft, supple and moisturized.  Massage treats all of you without you having to do anything but lie back and relax.