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Law of Attraction and the Emotional Guidance System


Did you know that it is possible to change your body shape with your mind?  It is possible to renew your cells with just your mind?  And it is possible to draw anything you desire to you using some very simple principles?


There has been so much hype regarding the Law of Attraction.  The film The Secret made the Law of Attraction a household word.  So much so that people all over the World were practicing what was taught in the film.  Many people were experiencing what they called “miracles” then found that the “miracles” stopped working.  Why? Because what we attract into our lives is mainly influenced by our underlying belief systems and the feelings we have about different things, which is why:-


If you keep doing what you’ve always done

Then you’ll keep getting what you always got


The Law of Attraction is only one universal law.  It states that what you put out to the universe – other people/life – is what you will attract back in equal measure.  This is a Truth.  However, there are other laws that need to be applied in order to obtain consistent results in attracting what you desire into your life.


Bali Goddess takes retreat sessions for members who want to learn the effective use of the Law of Attraction and how your Emotional Guidance System is a fail-safe system that will always guide you towards the best direction that you need to take – on any subject or issue - and that includes your weight and body shape.


These sessions are not only informative but they are fun, full of laughter and shared experience.  You will learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and how to use your Emotional Guidance System so that you can manifest what you want.  We will be putting this into practice during your vacation so that you show yourself what is possible.


We look forward to seeing you!