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Individual and Personalised Group Bookingsindividual packages




 We run many individual packages where you can come by yourself or with your own group and enjoy a personalized retreat.  These retreats can be short-stay 3 day retreats, or a real pampering treat over 10 days.





These retreats are specially created to meet your requirements whilst incorporating our programmes.  Enjoy a rejuvenation retreat where you can take pleasure in the benefits of spa and treatments, renewal retreat if you want company whilst undertaking cosmetic or dental procedures.  Weight loss is fun with your friends and/or family to give each other support, and of course our Reiki Masters retreat will bring the benefits of calm mind, body and spirit whilst developing and deepening relationship with yourself and others.


      We can customize a retreat where you can learn meditation techniques or yoga and then go home and practice these with friends, we can offer you the ideal environment where you can relax and learn at your own pace, whilst also enjoying the benefits of tours and facilities of a real vacation atmosphere.

We often have women who want to travel alone and enjoy space for themselves to revitalise and set new goals whether these be for health and wellness, spritual or career path.  We specialise in making you a personalised programme that will have you feeling like a new person, with strategies that you can take home and use for an ongoing life enhancing experience.  We also offer ongoing support for when you return home, we are only an email or skype call away so you will not be left floundering with no direction when you return to your day to day activities.

With our blend of psychological, spiritual and physical expertise we can guarantee that you will feel your transformation whilst here on the Island of Bali and that transformation will be lasting.



These retreats can be taken anytime you want to get away and take time for yourself.  Many people like to come with a group of friends and we encourage early booking for a personalized retreat as these can fill up quickly. 


For details please contact use on and we will be happy to advise or answer any questions you may have regarding inclusive offers and optional sessions.


We look forwards to seeing you here!