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Holistic Therapies

Bali Goddess Retreats offers holistic therapies in all of our retreats.  These therapies are designed to relax the mind and body and leave you feeling refreshed yet energized.  Also known as complimentary therapy, it is intended to treat mind, body and spirit, and in doing so remove blockages that may be causing pain and distress.  The aim of holistic therapy is to treat the cause of illness or pain rather than the symptoms.

Holistic therapies bring the body and mind back into a state where they are in a balanced state of health and wellness through encouraging a state of relaxation and release of tension.

Therapies on offer at our Women’s Retreats:  
• Massage                                                         
• Acupuncture
• Indian Head Massage
• Reiki
• Cranial Sacral Therapy
• Crystal Healing
• Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Colour Therapy
• Past Life Regression
• Psychic Tarot Reading



We have some of the best therapists in Bali who have practiced their profession internationally and who are now residing in Bali and come highly recommended through the expatriate society who expect high standards of treatment.  Whether you want to cure pain, find your life path and purpose or want to just relax with a massage, our therapists will facilitate your healing and growth on different levels.


a wonderful site to find out more about holistic therapy is which is packed full of information on therapies, where to find a therapist in your area and what therapy would be best suited to your needs.