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 Coaching is the practice of personal, professional and spiritual development, and a personal coaching session can help you to really clarify your needs, your goals and the process to achieving them.  A group coaching session is a really effective way of getting clear on ways to achieve what you want – by sharing your experience and knowledge with other people.


Coaching is not counseling session, it is a way of helping somebody to find their own answers and the best way for them to achieve what they want as we are all individual and unique human beings.




Bali Goddess Retreat coaching sessions are based upon a blend of personal development, Law of Attraction tools, emotional intelligence, and spiritual development techniques.  We recognize that the human being is a holistic and multidimensional organism.  We need to have all of our aspects in balance in order to really achieve what it is we want to achieve.  This means having our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs catered for.  In other words mind, body and spirit!


The purpose is for you to come to the retreats and to learn something new – whilst having fun, laughter and adventure!  This is achieved by asking questions, doing simple and fun exercises that deepen your knowledge about yourself and what you want.  By listening to your feedback and sharing knowledge about the life we have all lived.  It becomes a process where you will find the answer for yourself and that is where the answer lies for you.  


You will learn some simple techniques and strategies that will help you to transform your life in the way you desire.


You will learn how to:


See you there!


  • Recognize how beliefs are blocking your progress and begin to remove them.
  • Turn your fears into your best friend by using your emotional guidance system and deepening your intuition – easily!
  • Use the Law of Attraction in its true form to manifest what you want in life.
  • How to use visualization together with affirmation to turbo charge your manifestation process.
  • Use your mind together with your emotions to speak to your body and keep yourself in perfect health.
  • Strengthen your personal boundaries and begin to live life the way you want to live it.