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Fitness and Aqua Pilates

Aqua Pilates is a water based work out using floatation equipment and focusing on muscular toning and definition through core stability work.

These specific water movements develop strength, flexibility and body awareness and are also very supportive for those with back problems, weak joints, serious injuries, arthritis and anxiety. 


There is a great stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.  The exercises effectively shape, tone and  firm the body.


It is an extremely effective form of exercise as an hour of aqua pilates is equal to a two hour pilates class on land, yet the sessions are wonderfully relaxing yet leave you feeling invigorated.

They are a wonderful way to re-introduce yourself to exercise and to kick-start your weight loss enabling you to lose inches effectively but in a really fun way.



Each session begins with a warm up to loosen muscles and increase blood flow.  This acclimatizes the body to the water and gently stimulates your cardiovascular system. 


This is followed by a series of strengthening routines to tone the muscles. To increase the intensity, we use aqua equipment on our wrists and ankles to perform specific upper and lower body conditioning exercise. During the whole hour, you build a strong core using your abdominal muscles to keep your balance in the water.

During the session you can expect your body to feel supported throughout by the floatation equipment in the water, making this an effective, but
Relaxing form of body toning and core stability exercise.


Our villa has a private swimming pool where you can relax and take a swim at any time you feel like exercising or just relaxing and floating in the water.