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Is it possible to travel by myself to the retreat programmes. 

Yes that is entirely possible.  The Retreats are designed for women who want to travel solo and meet other people in a safe environment.  We expect a large percentage of our guests to be solo travelers and we pride ourselves in making you welcome and catering for your needs so that you can really sit back and enjoy yourself.  Bali is a very safe travel destination for women, and that is why we expect that many of our guests will choose to spend time at the retreats and then spend an extended time on the Island after we introduce you to the facilities, activities and beauty.



Can I come in a group


Absolutely, that is entirely possible.  You can come as a small or large group.  We also cater for specific individual or group sessions that can be booked between scheduled retreat programs so that you yourself, or your group could enjoy the retreats to themselves.  We aim to cater for your needs and will fit in with these wherever possible.


Will there be time to spend on my own?


Yes, we have some wonderful activities and treatments for you to enjoy as a group or individually.  But there will also be plenty of time where you can take yourself off and do your own thing.   We encourage you to follow your heart and do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.


What type of women come on the retreats?


There are women from all over the Globe that come to the retreats.  All backgrounds, denominations and ages come to enjoy as singles or as a group.  Anybody is welcome, whatever their age and background, there is no judgment and it is a blessing to see people from all cultures, religions and ages joining together and showing others that peace can exist.


How far in advance should I make a reservation for the retreat?


As early as possible as they get full very quickly.  We recommend that you book your chosen retreat at least 3 to 4 months ahead of time as popular dates will fill very quickly.  We will hold a reservation place for you once you have made a 50% deposit on your chosen date and retreat package.  After that we expect that the further 50% is paid at least 2 weeks before the retreat starts.  We are however open to receiving cash on the day of arrival if that is all somebody is able to do.  We aim to be as flexible as possible.


Am I expected to join in all the activities?


Certainly not.  You have a choice of activities that you choose to join.  We are here to offer you the best value and to encourage you to join with others on the retreat.  However, if there is something you really rather not do then that is not a problem.  This is your holiday and the retreat activities and programmes are a part of the adventure but certainly not compulsory.  We find that most people decide that they want to join and enjoy the activities, but everybody is an individual and we respect that.  There are of course so many things to do in Bali that if you decide you want to take yourself off somewhere for the day instead of being with the group then that is fine and we will do our best to facilitate that for you.  There are also many other retreat activities available such as massage, aqua pilates and treatments that you can choose what you want to do. 


What is a usual amount of time that is spent in the retreat?


That varies depending on the retreat.  We know that many people would rather have more private time when trying to lose weight or having cosmetic procedures and therefore have set our timetable accordingly.  Also the Reiki retreat requires time to learn and practice techniques and therefore more time may be spent on that retreat doing workshops and practical healing.  But there is time on all the retreats to spend exploring, shopping, on the beach and doing what you want to do.  The workshops/discussions are around one to two hours, and then massage and treatments are really up to individual preference. We have special activities and tour, but these are optional and you may find you prefer to do your own thing.  Nothing is a problem.

I am a vegetarian, can I find vegetarian food in Bali?

We cater for your needs in our retreat programs, and our caterers are experienced and excellent chefs.  If you have particular needs such as food alergy, then all you need to do is to let us know and we will make provision for this.  Bali is also full of many different types of restaurants and cafes so you can always find what you need to eat here, and it is always delicious.


Will there be time to spend exploring Bali on my own?


Absolutely you will!  There are free afternoons and free evenings where you can choose to go to the beach, enjoy the many exotic and Western restaurants in the vicinity, plenty of places for listening to music and meeting other people.  We can guide you to the best places on the Island that best suit your needs.  There is so much to do here in Bali that there is no time to be bored, and of course retreat activities are optional not compulsory so if you feel the need to take yourself off then follow your heart! 



Do I need to be experienced at meditation or yoga?


Our classes are for beginners and for more experienced practitioners.  We aim to introduce you to the many benefits of meditation and yoga, but these are optional choices.  Of course if you choose the Reiki Retreat you will find that there are so many ways to get deeply in touch with your healing potential through meditation, and the yoga opens up channels and keeps you in the flow.  Our instructors are gentle and skilled in their art, and will guide you through what you need at your level.  So no, you do not need to be experienced.



When do I schedule my flight for?


You can schedule your flight to arrive before 4/5pm at Denpasar, Bali.  And schedule your flight to leave around the same time which would be perfect.  Of course we are flexible and if you arrive early or late it will not be a problem as we arrange airport pickup.  We leave the first and last days for travel so that there is a flow to your itinerary and things remain stress free.


Do I need to bring anything special with me to wear?


No there is nothing in particular as everything is supplied here.  The usual holiday attire, sarongs, cool clothes, sun cream would be good, but we have everything here at the retreat and Bali is full of bargain shopping so it is a good idea to leave some space in your suitcase for your return flight!


Is travel insurance included?


No, you will need to arrange your own travel insurance, and ideally this will cover medical and accident.  You should be able to obtain this through your travel agent who will have full details of what you need to include.


Is the weather hot or cold in Bali?


The weather is tropical, so it is warm and sunny.  No need to pack coats and heavy wear, you could even spend your entire time here in shorts and t-shirt.  The rainy season is between December and March, but although it is the rainy season there is also still plenty of sun every day.  And because we cater for Bali weather all rooms are air conditioned and our villas provide swimming pool where you can cool down and relax if you need to acclimatize.