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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
Facial Rejuvenation Treatments
Bali is fast becoming a mecca for facial rejuvenation treatments and cosmetic dental surgery.  At a fraction of the cost of what it would be in the West, many people are combining their vacation with procedures they could not afford at home.

At Bali Goddess retreats we have partnered with facial rejuvenation practitioners, mid facial and blepharoplasty surgery experts, and excellent dental surgeons to enable our participants to enjoy the benefits of procedures they have long dreamed of having but were beyond their price range. 

You can enjoy your holiday and get the benefits of our practitioners, as we combine mini facial rejuvenation and dental surgery treatments that require little or no downtime, so that you can spend your time enjoying the Island, taking tours and relaxing and return home looking fantastic.

Treatments on offer are state of the art that will leave you looking and feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized, without resorting to major invasive surgery.

Treatments on offer

•    Blephoraplasty (upper and lower lids)
•    Mid face lift
•    Thread lift (Aptos)
•    Restylane
•    Botox
•    Microdermabrasion
•    Acid fruit peel (note that you cannot sunbathe after this treatment)
•    IPL
•    Mesotherapy (fat dissolving injections)

We have an excellent Western practitioner who specializes in Eye Tatoo and Lip Tatoo.  It’s a great way to begin your holiday so that you can enjoy your vacation with the confidence that your makeup is staying exactly where it was in the morning.  No more fussing with runny mascara or bleeding lipsticks.

Please let us know what treatments you would like so that we can arrange a consultation and procedures and with doctor.


Price comparison chart

Treatment Average Cost West
Average Cost Bali
Blepharoplasty (lower) 3000 1500
Blepharoplasty (upper) 3000 1500
Mid-Face Lift 5000 2000


Facial rejuvenation procedures

Average Cost West

Average Cost Bali
Botox Injection 400 175
Chemical Peel 605 175
Microdermabrasion 150+ 35
Restylane 500 175
Injectable fillers (per syringe) 525 200
Permanent cosmetics (eye, eye brow and Lips) 300 + 100-150
Thread Lift (non invasive) 4000 2000

 Average Cost West

 Average Cost Bali
 Laser Teeth whitening  900+  200
 Professional Home whitening kits  200+  100
 Porcelain veneers  850-2500                     375
 Dental implants  1200 – 3000                     500
 Dental bridges    

We also offer Cosmetic Tattoo beauty enhancements for eyeliner, eyebrow, and permenant lipstick.  See our beauty enhancement page.