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Diet & Fitness

Diet and Fitness are both parts of a weight loss plan.  Exercise increases your metabolic rate so that you burn calories faster, and good nutrition feeds the body essential nutrients that help to maintain health and vitality.

Many people find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise, let's face it sometimes it is boring and there's a good film on theTV, or we are invited to dinner with friends and don't have time - a hundred and one excuses.

We include aqua pilates in our fitness plan because it  is a fun way to exercise.  It supports the body whilst at the same time building strength and toning the muscles.

During your stay we shall be looking at diet and fitness and how adquate nutrition feeds and energises the body, and exercise keeps internal organs functioning to optimum levels as well as giving a toned appearance to limbs.

We come from a culture where we are constantly bombarded with conflicting messages about what we should and shouldn't eat, what is good or bad for our bodies, what exercise is best and so on and so forth.  It can be confusing and concerning when trying to find a "diet" that works and gives the essential balance of nutrients need by the body.

The fact is that every body is different.  What makes one person lose weight will cause another to gain weight.  There is no true tried and tested consistently effective diet.  We focus here on good food, enjoyable exercise, and on your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are behind keeping you fat.

This is a different program where you will be learning to use your mind and to follow your true emotions.  Together with techniques that will keep you motivated to continue with the Body Creation Program after you leave us, you will find this program effective and long lasting.