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Detox And Weight Loss
Detox and Weight Loss
Remove the stress of working out a new ‘diet’ and let us take the strain.  This is not a diet but a complete way of life that you can learn, integrate and take home for effective results. We have clients who have attended the retreat and lost as much as 5cm over 6 days - and kept it off!  All this whilst feeling satisfied, full of energy and positively knowing that this system works.

Join us in Beautiful. Bali for an 8 day retreat focusing on applying the Law of Attraction, your emotional guidance system, nutritional advice, as well as varied reprogramming techniques for permanent weight loss.  An incredibly powerful method for creating the health and body you desire.

You deserve an abundant life, and this program will help you to release the thoughts, habits and weight that have been blocking you and open the door to experiencing all you can be.  This is a powerful and life changing experience is designed by our professional team to set you on the road to reshaping your body and regaining optimum health.

Our Body Creation Programme brings together Mind, Body and Spirit giving you a holistic treatment that will reshape your body and bring you lasting results.  On this health retreat you will experience transformation and weight loss.  

This is more than just a detox and weight loss spa, but a women’s retreat where you will have total pampering for your mind body and Spirit, with your every need catered for.  Let us take away the stress whilst you sit back and lose inches whilst being truly indulged by our team of professional therapists. 

All this on the amazing island of Bali, where you can enjoy being professionally pampered by trained therapists and doctors, at a fraction of what it would cost in the West.

Our detox/weight loss programme is unique and is based upon getting in touch with your real needs, emotional, spiritual and physical.  Recognising and clearing the limiting beliefs that have kept you fat and overweight, and replacing these with the beliefs that will keep you lean and healthy.  Together with food and nutrition information this is a programme that works!  We combine detox, dietary change, therapeutic lymphatic massage, RF treatment to disperse cellulite and clinical hypnotherapy designed to keep you on track effortlessly.

Although we believe dietary choices play an important role in weight loss our weight loss programme is not nutritionally focused but based around the principles of the mind and emotions controlling the body.  And once you understand the mind body connection you will be well on your way to not only shedding the pounds but to transforming your shape through the power of your intention.

Our retreats are about transformation of the individual so that you return home knowing how to make simple changes that will have an effect on all areas of your life.

This is a holistic weight loss and detoxification programme..  At our health retreat, you will be removing impurities from your body, at the same time you will be reigniting your mind and emotions.  Hypnotherapy, massage, EFT, meditation, one on one coaching and personal consultation are all on offer, and will really get you on track to the body you want to create.

Movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep are about the Law of Attraction, and they show how this can be used to create a life you desire.  These movies do not go far enough in telling you how your beliefs affect everything around you and that changing these can have a real effect on your all areas of your life.  We will show you how to use these methods effectively, and you will not only reshape your body but will be able to transform any area of life you want to change.

Our weight loss retreat encompasses health, Law of Attraction and using your emotional guidance system, to create the body you desire whilst enjoying Spa treatments, infra red saunas and lymphatic massage that will rid your body of toxins, and boost your metabolism whilst you lie back and relax.  We will help you get to the core of the problem, and give you strategies to overcome any obstacles you have been experiencing in your battle against weight.  Individual consultations will serve to strengthen your resolve and flow you towards your ideal body shape and make weight loss effortless!

Alongside this we offer you, aqua pilates to boost your metabolism and begin body toning, pedicure and manicure, cultural tours, clinical hypnotherapy and individual private consultation and group support, all amidst beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

Our Body Creation Programme

 8 days 7 nights

Per person - $2600 


7 days of Fresh juices and delicious breakfast,
5 lunches
5 dinners
The Body Creation Programme (professional coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, applying law of attraction, unblocking limiting beliefs.)
Individual consultation and treatment with clinical hypnotherapist.
6 aqua pilates classes
1 RF (radiofrequency) session

Bargain shopping
Sunset dinner
Dinner buffet
Use of fantastic grounds and swimming pool 

Optional Extras

 Note:  Treatments and shopping in Bali are all at the fraction of the cost you would pay in the West.

Holistic therapies:

Cranial sacral therapy
Reiki for health and healing
Psychic tarot reading
Chakra and aura clearing and rebalancing
Indonesian healer

Facial rejuvenation : restalyne, botox, aquamid, facial peels, microdermabrasion.  Professional, low cost, treatment by doctor.
Body boost : mesotherapy (cellulite and fat dissolving).  Vitamin C injection (immune and health booster). Lalur body scrub (traditional Balinese treatment)
Tatoo : eye, eyebrow and lip tattoo (no more fussing with eyeliners and lipsticks.  Fantastic results!) Dentistry : low cost professional dentistry, treatment and cosmetic.
Salon pampering: manicure, pedicure, hair styling.
(group or personal) 


Please Note: 

Package rates are Per Person and inclusive of government of tax

Rates are not inclusive of airfare

We are happy to cater for private parties who want a customized program.


For all travelers abroad please make sure you have adequate medical insurance