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Crystals have been used in healing for centuries and are powerful amplifiers of healing energy that can be used to heal and balance the chakric system and the aura.  Crystals are a tool for natural healing which help practitioners to accelerate their own methods. The human body is a series of energy systems and crystals are devices for adjusting and balancing these systems.

The laying of crystals upon the body helps to remove and balance emotional, mental and physical blocks within the system.  The crystals are charged with sound, and integrated with colour therapy and Reiki, and bring about a profound healing for the individual.  

“What you can expect”.  The experience of crystal healing differs from person to person. Some people feel cold in areas, or tingling, some may feel heat – others feel nothing during the healing but find change happening over a few days as their body integrates the energies, and releases blockages. 


Each person is unique and there is no particular ‘recipe’ but through linking with your energy system and feeling blocks or weaknesses healing is facilitated.  The healing will have an effect on mind, body and Spirit as the aura filters light information through the chakras working on the emotional, mental and physical bodies.


The crystals are further enhanced with colour therapy that bring in the particular healing energies required by the individual.  At the end of the session your aura is ‘stroked’ and the energies grounded and cleansed.


Your own healing energies are enhanced so that you are better able to find healing within yourself.  The energy field, aura, around you is balanced with the crystal and colour energies.  This also affects and enhances your attractor field which brings more positive thoughts and feelings and draws in energies from around you which will match these.


Note:  Healing Crisis:-  Most clients do not experience a healing crisis, but sometimes it does occur.  This is usually completed during the therapy, but on rare occasions the clearance happens over a couple of days.


“What is a Healing Crisis?”  As light energy is taken into the aura and chakras, lower negative energies arise to be cleared.  This may manifest as irritability, short-term sadness, physical aches in the area that is clearing, or old buried memories coming into conscious awareness.  In some cases a short burst of weeping is experienced and once cleared a lightening of spirits comes whereby the individual feels joy, optimism and more positive outlook. I will say again – most people clear at the time therapy is taking place.


A crystal healing is a relaxing and profound way to effect healing on mind, body and Spirit and to bring in positive healing energies on all these areas.


Any follow up questions can be directed to our contact email and backup support and distant healing can be provided when you return Home.