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Bali Goddess Rejuvenation Retreat

 Revel in the company of people who understand that life was never meant to be a struggle, but it is meant to be lived with an open mind, a strong heart and a sense of adventure.



This is a women’s retreat and spa vacation rolled into one where we focus on fun and recreation alongside spiritual development.  A holiday that will transform your mind, body and Soul, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world with a fresh face and a strong Spirit.

Come and share time and with like minded women who want the best from life, for themselves and for others, and are prepared to do something about it! Our Life Creation Programme will help you kick-start your transformation, find your voice, rediscover your Spirit of adventure and rejuvenate yourself all at the same time.



Many women go through life on autopilot and lose sight of experiencing life as a creative process.  They forget that they have a voice inside of them, a Goddess who is powerful and wants to experience all that life has to offer and create all she can be.  At Bali Goddess Women’s Retreat we know that we all have the potential to live as empowered women and to shout “Yes!” to Life and our programme will set you on the path to rediscovering your voice and creating life the way you want to live it.

Perhaps you have reached a time in your life when you desire change.  Maybe you have been through a difficult time, or feel spiritually and emotionally empty and feel that there must be something more to life.  Or maybe you just want to travel on your own and be in a safe environment where you can meet other women, have fun, relax and indulge yourself whilst somebody else takes care of the schedule details.

Here at Bali Goddess Retreats our aim is to help you achieve all of this and much, much more.  From the moment we pick you up from the airport you will know you are in expert hands, and that we have taken care of every detail so that you can sit back and relax.

We offer you a varied programme, cater for your every need, and make sure that you feel indulged, pampered and ready to face the World with a strong spirit, rejuvenated heart and of course a fresh face!
We have expert therapists at hand to cater for your every need, from indulgent massage and reflexology to take away stress, to individual life coaching sessions that will set you upon the road to creating life the way you want it.  Uncover the underlying processes that affect your life and really get to the basis of how to best begin your transformation process that will make your path clearer.

Group sessions on the Law of Attraction together with personal journaling will get to the core of any blockages you have been experiencing and make the path clear for conscious life creation.  We will guide you through step by step processes that will enable you to use the principles to effect change in any area of your life that you desire transformation.

Alongside this enjoy optional meditation, or take a healing Reiki session to clear physical, mental and emotional blockages.  Or perhaps you would like individual hypnotherapy to strengthen your resolve to stop smoking, lose weight or access past lives?  All this and more is on offer so that you can enjoy a personalized vacation whilst our professional staff will take care of the details

Enjoy free time where you can sit by the pool, walk by the ocean, go shopping or take a tour to Kalimantan or to swim with the dolphins.  We are happy to arrange tours and make sure that you are in expert hands at all times.  There is much to do in Bali and you can rest assured that you will never be bored!



5 days 6 nights
Luxury Accommodation

Twin Shared room and shared bathroom (per person): $1895
Single room: $2100

All breakfasts
Fresh juice
3 lunch
3 dinner

•    Law of attraction group workshops (learn the real secrets behind The Secret)
•    Life Creation Journaling
•    Personal coaching consultation
•    Massage/ Pedicure/manicure
•    Meditation
•   Cultural tour
•    Ocean sunset dinner
•    Bargain shopping tour (clothes, silver, shoes, bags, carvings, art)
•    Meet Indonesian healer and mystic

Optional Extras


Note: prices are a fraction of cost in the West

•    Reiki
•    Meditation
•    Yoga
•    Clinical hypnotherapy
•    Past life regression
•    Psychic tarot reading
•    Cranial sacral therapy
•    Snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing
•    Swimming with dolphins
•    Kilimanti volcano tour
•    Facial rejuvenation (botox, restylane, aquamid, microdermbrasion)
•    Body reshaping (Infra red sauna, mesotherapy, lymphatic massage)
•    Eye and lip tattoo
•    Cosmetic dentistry

Please Note: 
Package rates are Per Person and inclusive of government of tax Single travelers can choose a shared room option Rates are not inclusive of airfareWe are happy to cater for private parties who want a customized programme.