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Bali Goddess Reiki Retreats are intensive attunements.  It is possible to come and gain your first degree, second degree or Master degree.  Do all of the attunements together or separately.  Please feel free to choose.


Overview Of The Trainings


Alongside Reiki attunements and training you will be learning about the chakra system, vibrational medicine, kinesiology and using the Law of Attraction and your emotional guidance system to release blockages and effect real transformation in yourself and in your life.



First Degree


During the first degree you will be taught the basics of Reiki healing.  This will include two intensive attunements and practical training where you will refine your Reiki healing and hand positions.  After this attunement you will be able to administer self-healing using the Reiki positions.


Second Degree


You will be given the first of the Reiki symbols to enhance and focus the Reiki energy.  A second intensive attunement shall be given to strengthen the flow of energies and further clear the energetic chakric system.  There will be practical training and the first distant healing session.


Third Degree


This is master training level where the third, intensive attunement will be given.  During this level you will be given the Reiki master symbol.  There will be practical training and after this attunement you will be able to attune others in Reiki healing. 


And there will be plenty of free time to integrate the vibrations into your own energy system and ground yourself by going shopping, taking a cultural tour or takin

g advantage of the many special attractions that Bali has to offer.


Please note: 

If you already have first degree Reiki attunements you are more than welcome to come and join us, or stay with us in the accommodation and us for later workshops and attunements.  If you already hold first and second degrees then you can practice your healing techniques with others, refresh your attunements and of course it would be wonderful if you could share your experience and knowledge with new Sensei. We encourage you to feel free to make your stay the way you would like it to be and there is no obligation to join the groups during the first few days.


The term “Master” does not mean that you will suddenly become enlightened!  It means that you are able to teach and attune others in Reiki healing.  However, it would be advisable to practice your healing art over a period of time to fully integrate the change of vibration, perfect your craft and in so doing provide transformational healing for others yourself and others.