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There is a woman with a vision who has held this vision for many years, working on herself and her experience so that she could eventually enable others to reach a place of peace and abundance.  This woman began Bali Goddess Retreats with a vision for women around the world to have a place where they can rest, rejuvenate and refresh through various therapies and techniques that they could take home to transform their own lives. 

Bali Goddess Retreat is a unique place where you can find peace and relaxation, get away from the world, connect with yourself and return home, not only refreshed, but transformed with a new outlook on yourself and life. We are unique because we do not take large groups of women, but aim to give you the time to experience personal one to one attention. The aim is to give you time to focus on yourself and clear blocks and limitations that may have been holding you back from being all you can be.

At Bali Goddess Retreats you will find a space where you can be yourself.  A place where you will find a non-judgmental welcome, whether you want to detox, lose weight, become a Reiki master or experience the wealth of facial rejuvenation and spa therapies on the beautiful island of Bali. 

We are living in changing times, these times are becoming more and more challenging for many people.  There are strategies that allow you to connect fully with yourself in such a way that you can become empowered - no matter what is happening within your life - and gain the strength to make the changes you want to make.  It is time to fully embody who you are, Bali Goddess is about just that, embodying the Goddess within.l

There is something for everyone, and a warm welcome awaits.